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The President spoke about the need to avoid waste in the use of energy resources

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On October 24, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on ensuring the stable operation of economic sectors and social sector institutions in the autumn-winter season. It is known that on September 23 this year, the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers was adopted. Separate plans and measures have been developed in each region, district, and section of directions, and sources have been determined.
At the meeting, the minister of energy and regional governors reported on the work done in this regard.

As mentioned, first of all, measures are being taken to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to the population. For this purpose, it is planned to produce 21 billion kilowatt hours of electricity in the IV quarter, and about 22 billion kilowatt hours at the beginning of next year. Also, 10 billion cubic meters of natural gas will be delivered to the population in the autumn-winter season.
The Head of State has directed to fully digitize the system from gas wells to consumers to avoid wastage in the process. Liquefied gas and coal are supplied to villages and farms, social facilities far from the natural gas network. The president noted that any region that needs additional reserves will be provided.

“All network and regional leaders should redouble their responsibilities in this matter, please the population, and solve them quickly without ignoring any appeal,” said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.
The Ministry of Energy was instructed to regularly monitor the state of the population’s supply of energy sources in real time. It was noted that the activities of “call centers” and regional working groups are important in solving the problems that arise.
Special attention was paid to the issue of saving energy sources. It was noted that the problems occurring in the energy sector in the world also affect our region, and in such a situation, economy is urgent. Therefore, the importance of installing energy-saving technologies in all institutions and increasing people’s involvement in this matter was emphasized.

At the meeting, the issues of financial rehabilitation of enterprises and increasing the stability of commercial banks were discussed. Tasks were given to help reduce overdue debt by bringing the projects launched with loans to full capacity.

source: kun.uz site

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