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Based on the Decree of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated August 29, 2017 “On measures to further improve the project management system in the field of information and communication technologies” No. PQ-3245, the Center for Assistance in Ensuring Information Security and Public Order was established.

The implementation of the “Safe City” project is aimed at creating a solid foundation for the stable and consistent development of Uzbekistan on the path of interactive development in the field of information and communication technologies and the wide integration of our country in the world community. Therefore, how seriously and purposefully the Center strives to implement the planned political activities and tasks will determine the overall well-being of our country and people.

The main tasks of the center are as follows: the interaction of information systems of internal affairs bodies, state bodies and other organizations, video surveillance systems, detection of violations, protection of objects, rapid detection and warning of possible threats, detection of intellectual analytical sensors, as well as crime prevention creation of an integrated system “Safe City”, which provides for the identification of other information systems about receiving, duty-dispatching centers and data processing centers; On the creation of a single integrated system “Safe City”. approval of a step-by-step program of activities.

A coordination commission for the implementation of the project on the creation of a single integrated system “Safe City” was formed, the composition of the commission and its main tasks were determined;

The main task of the “Safe City” system is to protect the population and territories from natural and man-made emergency situations, public safety, violation of law and order, fire, road and environmental safety, as well as housing and communal management and solving tasks in the field of management of other distributed objects, including automated systems interacting with them.

The single integrated system “Safe City” should cover Uzbekistan by 2023. The project will be implemented in two phases. In the first stage, organizational measures are implemented, and in the second stage, technical implementation (installation of technical tools and equipment, construction of telecommunication infrastructure, etc.).

The “Safe City” project plans to introduce innovative solutions in all spheres of life of the population of our country. The employees of the “Safe City” public order assistance center are responsible for ensuring the safety of the population, creating favorable conditions for their life and activities, and increasing the country’s tourist and investment attractiveness. committed to implementation.